Better Coconut Products to you – better life for farmers

Fair Trade Activities

Fairtrade works with farmers and factories around the world to improve wages, benefits and working conditions of the farmers who are living just below the poverty line. As a fair-trade certified company, Jaindi Export (Pvt) Ltd has put in place plans & programs to improve the living standards of the farming community. For every fair trade product manufactured by Jaindi Export (Pvt) Ltd Pays a premium that goes directly into a fund that is controlled by workers. Workers choose how to use the money and invest in development projects in their communities.

The following are some of the activities organized with the aim of improving the living standards of the farmers

Efficient, Healthy, Happy and Productive Environment in the Organization

Employee Welfare Initiatives

We, at Jaindi Export (Pvt) Ltd are committed to ensuring the ongoing welfare of our employees by caring about their health, psycho-social & holistic well-being. And we our ultimate aim is to promote efficient, healthy, happy and productive environment in the organization.  It is our endeavor to make a positive impact in their lives through some of our Employee Welfare Practices.

Some of the annual employee welfare programs we conduct are

Responsibility of Humans to the Greater Society

CSR Initiatives

In supporting sustainability in the communities we work in, we have organized initiatives and activities that engage and uplift the communities. Through these initiatives we also hope to improve awareness of our employees on the responsibility of humans to the greater society.

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