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Enjoy a large assortment of 100% organic coconut based food & beverages sourced and manufactured ethically from the tropical paradise island – Sri Lanka. The reputed manufacturer & exporter of coconut based products in Sri Lanka – offers premium quality processed coconut products and organic spices for the international wholesale market.

Every coconut that turned into our products is hand-picked at its peak for optimal freshness and nutritional value and processed & manufactured using the ultra modern technologies at our own factory premises. In addition, we have recently diversified our product portfolio by introducing organic fruits, spices and Ayurvedic products with the guarantee of same quality & hygiene.






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Organic and Conventional Products Range.  We supply bulk and retail packaged organic coconut products, spices, ceylon tea, fruits, cooking ingredient, baking products and cosmetic products. 

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Condensed coconut milk and its flavored

Description Ingredients Nutrition Per 100g Packaging Description Sweetened condensed milk is an ingredient in baking, including cookies and bars like

Coconut Whipping Cream

Description Ingredients Nutrition Per 100g Packaging Description Coconut whipping cream is with no sugar and is free from preservatives, lactose,

Heavy Cream 30% Fat

Description Ingredients Nutrition Per 100g Packaging Description A delicious, 30% full fat (super creamy) Organic Coconut Cream made from pure

Organic Coconut Topping

Description Ingredients Nutrition Per 100g Packaging Description Extract coconut milk from organic coconut; adjust fat content up to 17% with

What We Do

We are involved in the full life cycle of our production process, from farming, collecting to packaging and and exporting.

Collecting Nuts

The coconuts are harvested and collected from our own organically grown plantations & trusted local farmers. And they are graded and controlled of quality accordance with set standard before arrive to the processing plants.


Peeling off the green husk to remove soil and reduce microorganism contaminated on the surface. To further prevent browning and mold growth on the husk surface, coconuts are dipped in solution.


Using the state of the art manufacturing machineries the raw coconuts are crushed, filter, dry or other necessary steps are carried out under the scrutiny of the trained personals. There is minimum human involvement and quality & safety is check each step of the manufacturing process.

Quality Check

Verification of the chemicals and microorganisms contamination in the coconut water and coconut meat such as agriculture chemicals, heavy metals bacteria in the modern laboratory.


The finished products are packaged in standard aluminium cans and other food grade containers and stored in chilling rooms before being subjected to structured quality control procedure.


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International & Local Certifications


Our products and manufacturing facilities including our processes adheres to strict international standards.

Lastest News

Read what's happening in our organization and be updated about the latest trends in the organic food industry.

Premium Quality

Enjoy the highest quality coconut & spies from tropical island – Sri Lanka

100% Organic

All products are sourced from our organically grown plantations & trusted suppliers

35 Years of Trust

The trusted supplier for some to the leading brands in the world for 15 years

Ethical Business

We are an ethical business practicing & encouraging fair trade policies.

International & Local Certifications

Countries we export

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