Organic Coconut
Cooking ingredients & Salad Dressing

Cooking ingredients & Salad Dressing

We produce a range of organic cooking ingredients and salad dressings using organic coconuts for the health-conscious consumer. Our food scientists have created great replacement ingredients using coconuts for some foods that are healthier and more nourishing than the traditional product.

You can confidently switch to our organic condensed coconut milk, whipping cream, dessert toppings, vinegar, and Aminos to experience the wonders of coconut-based alternatives to conventional products such as dairy-based or artificial food products. We supply all our products in both retail and bulk packaging. Private labeling / white labeling is available.

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“Econutrena” has been recognized for its superior manufacturing process and large-scale production capability on a wide range of coconut-based products that are organic, tasty, and fresh. Our coconut products are made using the latest technology combined with industry know